About Us


Bayland Veneer, Inc. produces high quality Marunaka plain sliced veneer flitches or cut-to-size components for the door and panel industries. Our team of highly skilled individuals is dedicated to producing quality veneer along with the service our customers need and expect. Our commitment is to provide quality veneer at a competitive price.

Bayland Veneer is a family-owned business located in Green Bay, WI. We have been in the wood-related business for three generations. It began with the purchase of raw material from the woodlot. We then ran logging and trucking operations, a sawmill, and eventually established a veneer operation.

In the early years, Grandpa Eugene Sperber Sr. started it all buying timber and timberland and logging it. He then built a sawmill to process the logs into lumber. The next generation followed in his footsteps. Rob and Gene Jr. began by logging for the mill. Next, Gene Jr. founded Sperber Lumber Co. Inc. Gene Jr. and Rob partnered in the sawmill with Gene running the mill and Rob procuring the timber. Bayland Veneer, Inc. was then built, and Rob transitioned to running the veneer mill. The sawmill was closed upon Gene’s tragic death. The veneer mill operates today with the addition of the third generation, Rob’s son Mike. Rob and Mike both handle the purchasing, sales and production as partners in Bayland Veneer, Inc.